Meet the Wilde Mode Team

Meet the Team! 
Deborah Wilde Mode Founder
Hello! I'm Debz. I am the founder of Wilde Mode. I founded Wilde Mode in 2018, after a struggle with my mental health, and haven't looked back! When I started Wilde Mode I didn't ever think that I would be running a successful brand 3 years later. I get to show people every day that no matter what path you have led, no matter what challenges face you, if you have a goal and a plan, and if you work hard every single day,  you can achieve your dreams!  

Teegan Wilde Mode

Teegan Flett - Pattern Cutter and Product Model
I'm Teegan. I'm originally from South Africa, but now live here in Scotland. I joined Wilde Mode in April 2019, when I applied to model for their first ever photoshoot.
'I’ve always been drawn to wilde mode due to their high quality and uniquely patterned fabric, as soon as I started modelling for Wilde Mode I found out their motto was “empowering you from the bottom up” and wearing Wilde Mode it really does do that. the fact wilde mode promotes body positivity and is gender neutral is a huge thing as not many places I know do or even accommodate for everyone this is what made me want to invest my time into getting a job in wilde mode, I love working at wilde mode as it feels like a big family there and we all push each other to do our best'.

Rosa Wilde Mode

Rosa Holm-Huxley - Seamstress
Hi! I'm Rosa. I'm currently a textiles student at Dundee University, and started working for Wilde Mode in 2020

Katie Morgan - Seamstress
Hi! I'm Katie. I'm a textiles graduate and started working for Wilde Mode in 2020.
'I was drawn to Wilde Mode's unique brand and style, with how passionate they are about being sustainable and gender neutral as well as mental and physical health awareness when it comes to what people really need from their underwear and loungewear. I myself feel unbelievably comfortable and confident when I wear my wilde mode sets. One of the things I love most about working for Wilde Mode is the people I work with, they are absolutely amazing and it feels more like a family to me, we all take care of one another and the ability to do something I love for a living is fantastic. I love working on the industrial machine with all the bright and fun patterns'.
Hi! I'm Emer. Originally from Ireland, I'm currently a textile student at Dundee University. I started working for Wilde Mode in 2020
'Wilde mode’s core values are what drew me to working there, the inclusivity and love they show all their customers really resonated with me. The brands bright patterns and colours and patterns and the ability to customise your order means shows that underwear should be fun for everyone. Working in Wilde Mode has been great, it’s so exciting to be working in the fashion industry in Dundee, and working for a small local business has given me a real appreciation for the work that goes into running a brand. Our new premises at the Circle gives us so much room to work, and the new cutting table is a dream! It’s great getting to do what I love everyday, and with great group of people it’s even better'!
Hi! I'm Andrew. I do general household duties for Wilde Mode - Including making boxes! I joined Wilde Mode in 2021