Never Stay Dead - It's OK to be Goth (And also love Rainbows) WILDE MODE RAINBOW BAND

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Wilde Mode is DELIGHTED to have been given the opportunity to collaborate with the amazing designer NEVER STAY DEAD

An Artist and Maker from the UK. 
"I run NSD and do all of the doodles, I also drink too much coffee. About three years ago a bunch of my cute (and somewhat offensive) doodles went viral. This launched me into a full time job as an artist, since then the company has expanded from niche greeting cards to a full range of merch that ships worldwide. I'm most known for the offensive colouring book series.My work can switch in moods because I like to express myself in my drawings. This can be seen in the 'Sadness The Monster' series, which is about imagination, emotions and mental health. "

We just ADORE their art and just had to grab the opportunity to collaborate <3

Each set is handcrafted to perfection by us, here in our wee studio in Dundee, Scotland. 

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