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Do you like a mystery?!

This listing will get you something special... something NOT listed on our page.

But we won't tell you because, its a surprise!

The Top will obviously be made to the same handmade standards as the rest of our amazing quality products. The top will still be soft and snugly and super awesome. 


The only difference being is that it will be a completely random top that will be sent to you.

This will be made using our secret stock of fabrics, fabrics too awesome and limited edition to sell online!

So what are you waiting for? 

Take a plunge and order something unique, amazing and ultra-rare today!

Super Amazing Mystery Comfort Top

Top Size
  • COMFORT TOPS Available in Sizes :

    XXS (SIZE 0 ) - 30-31" Overbust

    XS ( SIZE 2) - 32-33" Overbust

    S  (SIZE 4/6) - 34-35" Overbust

    M (SIZE 8/10) - 36-37" Overbust

    L (SIZE 12/14) - 38-40" Overbust

    XL (SIZE 16/18)  - 41-43" Overbust

    2XL (SIZE 20/22) - 44-46" Overbust

    3XL (SIZE 24/26) -  47-50" Overbust

    4XL (SIZE 28/30) - 51-54" Overbust 

    5XL (SIZE 32/34) - 55-58" Overbust

    6XL (SIZE 36/38) - 59-62" Overbust

    Tops are made to be comfortable and skim the bust, however, if you would like a more supportive fit, we suggest you size down. 

    Q - Why do I measure around my bust and not my ribcage too?

    A - It only requires a full bust measurement, as the banding sits lower than that of a bra.