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We are delighted to be able to bring you reusable period pads and reusable Wipes.

What are reusable period pads?
  • Cloth fabric pads, with a pretty top side, an absorbent core, and a leak-proof backing, all made from fabric. 
  • You do not throw them away but instead, wash and re-use them again and again. 

So what are the advantages of reusable Pads?

  1. Lifetime use - wash and reuse
  2. Reduce Plastic Waste - no throwaway plastic parts in landfill or our seas
  3. Reduction of energy use - all that energy saved compared to the disposable pads being made by the millions each year in factories
  4. Fewer Toxins - no nasty chemicals used to make them or in contact with your bits, so better for you and the environment
  5. Can help reduce period flow and pain
  6. Save Money - you won't need to buy them every month
  7. They are super cool and collectable, trust us, once you have one, you will want more designs :P

Reusable Wipes

These re-usable wipes are just awesome. Made using our high-quality eco-tex cotton lycra and cotton/bamboo terry towelling or 100% cotton muslin,  so you can save £ and help the environment too!

  •  4" x 4" or 6"x6" and is perfect for adding to your handbag after a night out
  • Each wipe will be chosen at random, so you're guaranteed a surprise!
  • Remove makeup, wash your face or use it to wash your smelly bits.
  • Can be used as a cum cloth or fanny flannel
  • Wash and re-use
  • Plastic Free
  • Helps to save the environment - no plastic and waste in landfill or our seas
  • Muslin measures 12"x12"

Use it to remove your make-up, wash your face, fanny flannel or use it as a cum  


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